[474] Reality is Just Another Dream

Don’t view your mistakes
under the glare of the sun
Talk to your weakness
in the comfort of solitude
Understand to react
and discriminate your woes away
A lively mind is waiting
at the end of the overwhelming
emotion you are feeling right now

Falling into reveries
that I can’t intervene
All of my desires
and imagination freed
The will to control dies
in the subtle world of my
subconscious abandon
The incomplete dream
waits and fades from me
to finish it in the transient reality

This poem is an extension of yesterday’s post. All the learnings from facing anxiety.

Art by Jim Thompson

17 thoughts on “[474] Reality is Just Another Dream

  1. This is amazing, Rahul. I was hooked from the title and your words truly built such a beautiful stage. I love how you say “the incomplete dream”…so powerfully said. Incredible as always, my dear friend. I always can’t wait to see what you do next 🖤🤗

      1. Thank for this! Loved reading your thoughts on my words. I understand my thoughts better with your commentary on them 💫

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