[2] Atlanta.

Donald Glover, the multi-talented creator of the show “Atlanta” has knocked my brains out with his TV series. It has captured my mind like none and it’s done in less than 30 minutes.

The mixture of the real and the surreal, focussing on the tone, and the characters impeccable comic timing makes it stand apart.

With the advancement in terms of VFX, there has been less focus on the writing in movies. The reason can be that people want explosions and high-octane dramas in the 2 hours they devote to going to the cinema.

TV although has another dimension to it.  To hold the attention of the audience for a longer period of time you need to have immaculate writing or fear losing their interest.

Atlanta has created the world for itself that blurs the line of reality not showing us how black people live but rather to make us feel like black people. The miscommunication, revelations, the shocks, nothingness and sometimes the unexplained in the show’s writing is done to make us feel rather than to let us only be consumers.

It draws you into the world of the characters and if you don’t leave that world, you are in for an experience to remember, thoughts to ponder upon, and more importantly, to feel.

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