[3]Thoughts on thoughts.

…With every passing day, I discover new things about myself, others, about the world. How can we store the sudden bursts of thoughts we have? How do we find a way to recall that same emotion that we felt when we first had thought and with the same intensity?

…My resilience was in sync with the sun today. In the morning, I felt my thoughts race with each other to have my attention. But once the sun started to settle down the ground, the restless of the thoughts vanish somewhere deep down my brain.
I call them, but they have… disappeared into the darkness.

…A good thought captures every motor function in your brain and the reality becomes a shapeless blur as you zone out into another world where you are the creator. You build up the thought and join two or three thoughts together to form a symbiotic thought, an entirely new concept. You are possessed by it, and you forget your problems just for that time. Just for that time, you are a world unto yourself. You are your thought.


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