[4] Regret.

You’re on your deathbed staring at the faces that stand beside you but your thoughts meander towards an imagined reality of what it could have been only if I did that.
becomes the starting word of every thought that you take.
If only I would have said yes to that girl.
If only I would have resigned.
If I would have said no to mine father.
If. If. If.

Regret is funny. You regret what you could not do without ever thinking that even if you did that, what’s the guarantee that you would have been better off?

There is a 50-50 possibility that your imagined reality of “if I would have said yes to that girl” could have just been a rollercoaster ride with a broken track with no emergency cushions.

We humans regret too much but are satisfied to less. We expect too much of our imagination which makes our thoughts regretful in nature when thinking about our current condition.

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