[5] Who am I?

I am “….partly truth, partly fiction. A walking contradiction.”

It is difficult to know yourself, the real true self. If you shed your skin, underneath you’ll find another layer and then another. How do you climb down to the deepest holes to find one’s true self?

First, there is a possibility that you will weep and shudder when you the truth looks straight into your iris. You will deny it, twist it, ignore it, hide from it but for how much longer?

Then there is a possibility that no matter how deep you go you will never find it because you will try to guard yourself against the pain it can cause you. You will run.

What if the true form of you, if embraced, is what will make you content finally?

Asking questions become important, or rather the right one.  You have to ask yourself what idea has consumed you and has been meandering in your grey matter since the dawn of you?

We are always of the opinion that others should not judge us. Our whole life revolves around appearances, aversion to one’s judgement. To ridicule others of what words they utter, the confidence they exude, even their happiness. Yet, we say others should not judge us.

But what if I told you that you should start by stop judging who you are and embrace your deepest self? The reason for our morbid nature sometimes is self-loathing. Self-loathing that stems from self-judgement.
“I look so fat.”
“I am not confident enough.”
“I am a bad person”

Let’s not judge ourselves when we are the first ones to quiver and ridicule others of judging us.

“Know thyself, and thy faults, and thus live.” —St. Augustine

Be aware of yourself, your faults. Live with it. If thoughts formed people then I am an another human being this year and I was someone else last year and I will be a new person the next year. Let your life speak and reflect what you are. Let your work be the vessel of your true self. Let art speak for you. Let words tell what you are, because you are partly truth, partly fiction. A walking contradiction.

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