[6] I don’t know.

How much do you believe your role model? How much do you believe the philosophers that walked on this planet? How much do you believe anyone who says anything?

Every word I spew, write, slice, reflect, shoot on this page is a manifestation of the experience of my tiny existence. And our experience is limited? So does anyone really know the answer? Or is there really an answer?

What is the best way forward for a relationship? How do you solve the crisis that plague humans? Would you believe someone who says he has the answer?

Anyone who says they know the answer is speaking from reflecting on their life backwards, a relationship advice given on the one bad encounter with a girl. Confusion is an epidemic that will most certainly¬†be in our daily routine due to the “fact” no one knows the answer to anything.

The stream of thought is leaning towards existentialism and repulsion to purists who say they know. It will contradict with what I said earlier that knowing yourself is really important. Because you will never really know your true self.

That “eureka” moment that I experienced has waned off. My thoughts will change in the next hour but what I can do is organise them and reflect on it. I will know life when I reflect on it, but if I keep on reflecting on it how will I experience life which is only lived forward?

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