[28] Gravity Is Working Against Me.

“The Apollo program was a fraudulent NASA spaceflight endeavour which allegedly landed the first men on the moon.” said the head of the Flat Earth Society who sat next to me on the frisbee pendulum ride.

It was an unusual choice of an interview setting but he wanted to prove a point. While the others screamed on, he was calm and suave in his demeanour and I had to curb down my childish fear of such rides but let out a scream or two in between.

“But have you ever used a telescope, sir?” I asked.

“I see where you are getting at. I would like to tell you that our planet is a special one. All the other stars and planets look spherical because they are not our planets basically. We are the only ones where life exists so why won’t we be special?”

“What about gravity? If the earth is flat we would fall off the edge”

“Gravity does not exist. Period.” he said in a fury.

Was he on the same ride as I because I… I was losing it as the pendulum reached its highest and I could see the horizon.

“Watch that kid. Where’s the sphere you talk about? We’re flat. Flat as your momma’s breasts” he said.

A presenter is standing in front of the ride and he says to the camera.

“You can’t convince them that the earth is not flat. But you can convince the others that you are not flat. “Jockeying” push up bra pads. Comfortable unlike this ride and spherical, unlike the earth. Oops, am I convinced the earth is flat? It needs push-up bra’s indeed.”

We see the head of the flat earth society fall from the ride. He screams. The presenter does not even look back.

“P.S. Gravity does not exist. Period.”

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