[35] #NaPoWriMo (6/30) [ Smart Phone ]


I feel caged in the morning
The first impulse I feel is a notification
I grab my phone


I feel smarter today
The first thought, I will write on my notes
I grab my phone


My grey matter stopped its chitter chatter
The battery’s dead, it needs a leash
I grab my leash of a charger and become a slave


196 countries I see
7 billion faces glee
7 trillion ideas I consume
but does my brain contain that much room?


I tie my button while pushing on another
I tap the door while tapping on my phone
I scroll down her body while scrolling down another’s
I live in two worlds which
a Gemini of a device unfurls

21 thoughts on “[35] #NaPoWriMo (6/30) [ Smart Phone ]

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  2. oh yes, we make a device to free us, and become enslaved to it! our brains may burst but the heart has room. really like the folding in of zodiac. good poem.

  3. You captured many peoples lives in these few words. The attachment we have to new technology is sometimes more enslaving than liberating . It makes you think..


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