[46] Write Like You Talk Or Talk Like You Write?

Write like you talk or Talk like you write? which is better? intuitive thoughts or
a consciousness that exhausts the mind. Words are used to bleed the world with an implosion of confusion. Caused by a fusion of overthinking and not being able to think at all.

Now if I just change the gears and just address the problem at hand, confusion to choose. The clash of two ideals, ideas, ideologies. One of them can be selfish given the three (ideals, ideas and ideologies) start with an I, and the other, a selfless one. So, which one do you follow?

Write like you talk or Talk like you write?

The way you talk is marred by many filters that you battle inside your mind. The way you talk is marred by the constantly interrupted flow of thought that comes when you’re speaking one thought. It doesn’t have a shape that mirrors how a flow looks like but is a wave that constantly changes directions like moods.

The way you write though is a depiction of your ideals, ideas and ideologies mixed with the subconsciousness of it all. What I mean is, it is a deliberate attempt at looking at many sides of the same issue or looking at the issue through one side. At least you have the time to think which to choose. At least you are grounded with an opinion which otherwise when you talk aimlessly comes with a realisation of the gross miscommunication that your talk is causing.

The similarity? Both talking and writing use words. One medium has the advantage of body language, vocal tone, the intended voice of the speaker at play while the other has the advantage of the bending of language and grammar, the individual attention of the reader and a power to the reader… to stop reading at once, if there is no point to the writing, like this one.

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