The economy of the like minded has created a perception that writer’s block is a phenomenon that can be overcome only by an inspired mind.

The need to understand that a constant state of flow can also spring up new ideas and reveal your underlying feelings just because your neurons are sparking up is paramount for writers like us.

For this purpose, there is a website called “The Most Dangerous Writing App” and rightly so given its ability to make me write this post non-stop, without letting my inner critic take over me and put a full stop on my thoughts.

The concept is this that the app makes you write non-stop for a stipulated time that you’ll decide ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes (it is actually until 60 minutes) and if you stop to write in favour of random musings or to bemoan your lack of inspiration for 5 seconds, all your progress will disappear in front of you. literally.

So the need to write nonstop will compel you to write your thoughts down and may inspire new ideas that can break open your mind’s inner prison that houses thoughts that are just catching dust.

This post was written under the constant pressure of the progress being erased, that is precisely the reason why this is not a draft or may not be grammatically correct, but a post that you all can see and do your own writing exercise that uses fear as a mechanism to cure the shit out of your writer’s block.

Hoping you find help through this app and try it too.


P.S. Post your writing piece down in the comments without editing and also your experience on using this app.