[85] Dying One Day At A Time

to run away
into the foggy future
because the present is self-aware
and reminds you
of all that you aren’t
of all that you couldn’t be.

every day
you walk into the fog with
a fresh mind.
the fog mistifies your
lack of knowing your way
and comforts you in the
confused steps you take
It helps you to hide you
from yourself
and to hide
all that you are
all that you couldn’t be

entering the fog
you slow down to adjust
into the new environment
that is a breathable dust
that helps you make peace with yourself
that guides you through a discovery of the unknown
but slowly poisoning you with a lack of vision
making you a slave of the high you get from
living one day at a time

When you realise, one day at a time consists
of a foggy future
that has brought you the point of forgetting
who you are
where you are
why you are
the way you are

But you are the way you are
because you forget the past
and ignore the future
while living in the present
makes you feel alone
because you are blinded by
the end of the present
which ceases all that you learned
to start another day of dying every day.

17 thoughts on “[85] Dying One Day At A Time

    1. The fog hides you from the world and also hides the world from you. Even though the world has changed the way you see it because of the fog, nothing really has changed in reality due to the fog being a mere visual change.

      Living one day at a time hides you from the past and the future. And even though living like that makes you feel that every day is a different one, nothing really has changed because your focus on one day at a time hid you from making a big change that can impact your life.

  1. I like your perspective, more on that nothing really changes that much because of the fog blurring your view.

    “In other words we die slowly based on what we believe to exist [our perceptions, attitudes, and views], perhaps if we see beyond that then we can start to live.”
    I stand corrected.

  2. i haven’t read a LOT of your work but the subject matter of the above piece addressed a couple of ‘concepts’ that i write about quite a bit; Light, time, awareness …. life and death. so the piece i posted with your name … assuming you read it …. has as it’s several themes … light awareness time … the desire … the impetus … the motivation … the need … to see deeper into the world and by doing so time ceases to exist and while time flows from light and it’s through light that comes awareness and to see deeper and deeper means to allow yourself to see more light and the way you open yourself to more ‘seeing’ … to awareness .. is through quieting your thoughts …. stopping your thinking … ……… i picked up on these themes so I thought i’d respond in kind with a piece i wrote about those subjects. …. ks

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