[92] The Man Who Knew Nothing

The pressure that consistently thinking about something provides, drains us. It is a type of sickness that never leaves the over-thinker.

To relieve ourselves of that pressure, we look for a solution, which is to think nothing.

Your solution gives you another problem. To think nothing, you think of thinking nothing. But you didn’t brace yourself for this downward spiral and the exertion increases.

A writer’s mind incessantly is aware of one’s own thoughts. They live for what goes inside their minds, which sometimes is not that pleasant.

The “thinking nothing” solution-problem is widespread amongst us, writers. We bury ourselves in deep thinking about our ideas for stories, its themes, poetry and how to say something that sometimes, we crave silence of our minds.

The problem of the solution-problem is that the way we learned to fix things is by “thinking” about it further. So to inhabit that silence of the mind, we follow the downward spiral of thinking of thinking about nothing.

The endpoint stretches itself into a longer journey of achieving, ironically, nothing. All we are able to do is nothing about achieving nothing.

So, we think again.

How not to think about thinking about nothing?

The loop tightens and the end stretches further. All we are now is the ironic manifestation of our land, the Earth. Just a speck lost in the universe of, nothing.

39 thoughts on “[92] The Man Who Knew Nothing

  1. The struggle to release one’s mind from this tightening noose, the voice that screams and screams inside your head, always consuming never quieting.
    Rahul, this right here is a thought so profoundly conveyed.

  2. Or as Rrose would have it, there is no solution because there is no problem . . . just a condition. (thanks for this post, which came at a moment when I was nowhere looking for nothing)

  3. Great write my friend. The abyss is just as deep as the spaces filled. We must traverse through both bulk and emptiness seeking what we will. I love how Rumi described this “what you seek is seeking you”

  4. I love this piece, I felt this way until I realized that I Am nothing, so there for I Am everything. I think that emptying ourselves in every moment by silently observing our thoughts with non judgement we can achieve a since of peace. This deep peace comes from the stillness of our consciousness in each moment letting thoughts flow and letting thoughts go, by not identifying with any thought I Am empty but yet I know fullness. The balance, the paradox, the dance is all apart of us. To accept it we find peace, peace in knowing there’s is no end to thought, just endless depth. We can only exist in this reality because of thought to detach from thought completely I feel would mean to not exist as in somehow to destroy conscious energy which we all are. Energy can’t be destroyed it can only expand and transmute itself. Thank you for sharing this art brother very thought provoking 😉

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