“All of me was lost in you”

– The Writer & The Reader to each other.

It all starts with a withdrawal of our environment, the forgetting of yourself to get immersed in a world created by another. Instead of the rules of the world, here, rules of the writer riddled in sentences, words and form tell you where to go and you let your past experiences be the judge of this one i.e. someone’s else’s experience.

Reading is a clash of two minds. The clash of two experiences, the writers’ and the readers’.

The writer is successful when they are feeding to the reader’s ego, ideology and essentially placing words in his mind where they just fall short of expressing.

This is the highest form of writing. Being able to absorb, ponder and then eventually write first, what others are not able to absorb, ponder and write. 

It is about making the reader believe that what they are reading is actually their own thoughts. This piece or write-up is just a vessel of their own thoughts, which they infer they could write, but they are just lazy enough not to actually write it.