[119] Wake Up – My Micro Short Film

Hey fellow WordPress bloggers,

I’ve been here for a year and found the best of people here. You guys have helped me gain self-confidence through your comments and feedback on my writing. Having this community has been the highlights of 2017.

Other than a writer, I am a filmmaker and I have made this 3-minute-film titled Wake Up I hope you guys like it and share it as much as possible. Any type of discussion about the story or anything is welcomed.

Synopsis: Sometimes dreams can be the voices of our internal world warning against the dangers of the external world. Wake Up follows Ishaan trying to interpret his dream through the memories of his conversations. Will Ishaan be able to interpret this dream on time?

Link:Β https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuIs2JGnYHE

47 thoughts on “[119] Wake Up – My Micro Short Film

  1. It was great. I have a friend who is all set to start making short movies. I am sharing this with him. I’m sure he’ll have something beautiful to say about your short movie.

    1. Thank you!
      The ending is that in his dreams he was being warned of his death.
      So if you connect the person on the balcony and the one jumped from the terrace, you’ll know the answer.

      I’ll give you a clue: β€œSave me”

      Who is saying save me? Think about it πŸ™‚

  2. Dude this is really good, I’m just saying that because I liked it (not true, I would say that even if it was just good even if it was unpleasant (possibly not true)); but in any case, this was really good. The editing was super clean, everything was on time and well punctuated, the phrases were whole, there was definitely punch. The longer message was a bit weak but I didn’t really mind, and I think that contributes to being able to approach more sensitive viewers about a sensitive subject. Very well done. I hope you make more! (If you enjoy it).

    1. Thank you so much :’)
      This made me smile!
      Every point is well made. I hope you continue to watch my future work too.
      And yes I love what i’m doing :’)

  3. Very intrigued by it. Maybe the dreams and fragments are coming from past lives. On the current loop, he’s given another chance to do something he’s supposed to do, but hasn’t on previous loops. Assuming we’re born into the same life repeatedly, but with a higher sense of awareness from our past lives. My own spiritual beliefs, and what I took out of this.

    With respect to the video itself the editing and filming were great. Really looking forward to the next part if there is one.

  4. Bonjour Rahul,

    J’ai aimΓ© beaucoup de choses dans ce film et j’ai beaucoup de questions Γ  son sujet.
    I liked many things in this film and I have many questions.
    One is: what did you film it with?
    The only one suggestion I have is to slow down the subtitles so we can read when it’s hard to understand.
    Very good job.

  5. Very well done. Congratulations to your actors, who are so natural before a camera. They didn’t “act’ but just told their stories. The editing and direction were also excellent. I like how you had both background and foreground going at the same time. I enjoyed the intriguing ideas about the vagaries of memories and what lies beneath dreams: the ways our unconscious tries to speak to us.

    1. Lovely analysis. As a filmmaker my goal seems achieved if you’ve understood so much by watching my film. I hope you share it with your friends 😁

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