There’s both glory and doom in knowing yourself. The glory is that self-awareness helps you to not make mistakes. The doom is that you still make mistakes and you are self-aware about it.

You suffer. You feel like your suffering knows no bound. No one’s suffering can compare with yours. But then you listen to others tell theirs. You realize you’re not in a bad state after all. But the question is if suffering is objective to compare?

The glory of this question would be that there’s a lot that you still haven’t experienced, an experience that has the potential to cause you more pain than you feel now. The doom of it is the pain you feel for your tiny little suffering is after all a suffering that caused you fixate on its magnitude. Making you feel at that moment that there is nothing bigger than your problem. In that moment, for you, your suffering is the biggest there is.

To face this wound, you try to talk about it with someone. What do they do? They compare. You tell them about your heartbreak and how your whole body seems to fail and you becomes powerless at the mention of her name. They compare it to a death in their family. How does your suffering live up to that?

As a species, we are doing less of listening and more of reacting to the idea conveyed in someone’s talk. If all we did is listen to their suffering, maybe they’ll feel lighter. They’ll feel the problem vanish in front of them now that it’s out of their anxiety induced mind. Maybe they’ll find glory in their doom. Just maybe, if we simply listen.