[135] #NaPoWriMo [1/30] {Book of Shame}

Buying words only not to read
because the will to write them
sometimes surpasses the stream of thought
needed to hold a book and just be

Even though I don’t read enough
I still buy them to keep them in my cupboard
like the secrets I horde that I’m guilty of having
like the secret of how this is coming into being

I open the book to close my eyes in its fragrance
Then read a few lines to find my attention wavering
I turn around the book to not feel its stare
then keep it in my safe and I go out
to buy another one of these again

5 thoughts on “[135] #NaPoWriMo [1/30] {Book of Shame}

  1. Hey Rahul, good to see you again…well written…though I’ll advice read them just don’t buy them…as I’m an avid reader…

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