[134] Loss For Words

The sky waves in its colourful intensity
I struggle to intensify the thoughts in my head
to write them like they used to before
to get my mind talking to my fingers

The lies that used to come so easily
now hide behind the truth of incapability
Memorable performances for the crowd is a rarity
as the stage disseminates right in front of me

The red curtain flows only to close now
It never tries to showcase a virtuoso on its own now
I try and try to fail in hopes of succeeding one day
as hope arrives in a form of a mirage
and I wait…

9 thoughts on “[134] Loss For Words

  1. Stanza 1: Reminds me of when I was a star blogger (not in followers, but to myself) on my old blogging platform, when I couldn’t go wrong and anything I wrote was poetic and LONG. It was good times, also my life was better off. My mind was connected to my fingers and to the keys, as you allude to. Much better intensity back then.

    Stanza 2: For me it’s usually the opposite: I have _too much__ stage, and all life is a performance for a sadistic crowd I can never see.

    Stanza 3: Trying to fail sounds like rock bottom, or, bare minimum. It sounds like step -1. Nice wordage, message strongly conveyed at the effort that goes into it. Also: Waiting! Lord. __That__ thing.

    Thanks for the poem!

  2. As always, beautifully expressed. I’ve been struggling recently to get my ‘mind talking to my fingers’ and I appreciate how well you’ve written that piece. xx

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