Dreams of shooting stars
because I’m fearful of
acting on my own dreams
A trip to the mountains
A life out of time
created out of a vacuum
is what exists in my mind

An escapist idea it is
to run away from the reality
or maybe this reality we talk of
is just the creation of the ignorant
of a simpler and a happy time
away from the complexities of the city life
As clear as the night sky of where I once
forgot all my troubles

It was in the mountains I dream of
Quiet as the bystanders of crime
or as peaceful as the mind of who think
ignorance is bliss
I lay on the road meant for cars and trucks
empty it was like the hearts of the nihilists
And up it shone like a million enlightened monks

I wondered how it was possible that
the graveyard of the sky was meant to extract
the emotion of awe from me?
Conflicted I lay on the empty road thinking about
Where I was, what I was in the city life
Insignificant to its working I lay
The worries behind me but
an anxiety of tomorrow stayed
and as I left I think a part of me also stayed
that calls me back to that simpler ignorant life
A life where no one cares for you
and you only care for