The air feels heavy
when I feel your presence around
even when I know you’re not around
I think the grudges we hold weigh more
than what forgiveness makes us feel

I stumble on our memory
as I walk on the same paths of yesterday
I feel your presence again in this park
like the smell of the rain in the sunshine
or how you always had the intuition
of the onset of a disease

Wilted leaves fall outside of time
The ground turns brown
The sky turns grey
The visitors of this park seem to fall away
due to an onset of a disease called rain
I stand my ground withholding the temptation
to escape or run away in/from your words

The rain digs the graves
The visitors fall in it
I feel your presence again
but this time I watch you watching me
like you want to capture this memory
as I, a stranger, becomes a visitor
and fall in my own grave