I erode my being
to get out of my mind
The physical sensation of emptiness
coupled with the confirmation of being alive
the paradox of which is enough to take up
all the space in my mind as
what bothered me is without me now
All I care about is this small little world where I’m
dancing in the pretentiousness of the night

The night that evades all the bullshit thoughts
carries you over to another state of flow
where positivity merges with optimism
or negativity merges with denial
depending on your convenience

The night spends its time knowing you
It reminds you that no one watches you
as they are all asleep in their own minds
You are alone to be whoever you want to be
or to simply say that you’re alone together
whatever that means
but it does sound right in the night

This is the night where you’re calm at being you
This is the night where you can finally be you
This is the night where you finally know what being content means
This is the night where you finally fall asleep