[160] Taken/Taking For Granted

I fail to shrug off the fragrance of your rosy breath
that curls itself like a wrinkle growing into my age
Can I keep it even when you’re gone?
like the sounds of your turning in the bed
They drown out the winds of harshness
that time carries with it as we decay into white noise

I stay awake and lay to take your test
because I’m afraid of you taking mine instead
This fear doesn’t leave even in the morning
It doesn’t vanish like the fantasy of our 3 am nights
It circles like an eagle waiting to pounce on a prey
so I stay waiting to be eaten alive

I read a book instead of your texts
convincing myself that it holds the answer
to our distress and meanwhile
the book talks about fading away
from the memory of people
from the history we can no longer find
from the time that is present
and eventually from being the reason
of your gradual dimming smile

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