[161] One of Those Times

I’m on the edge of fading
Lack of self-control in your eyes is raging
The honesty is no longer hidden
The silence is brutal
but the end of it will be killing us

We’re trapped in a polaroid image
Swapped each other out from a digital pillage
We’ll think of saying sweet nothings to each other again
only to realise nothing sweet is left
Only nothing

Yesterday’s emotions will feel like a dream
Today’s will call attention to its fallacies
Tomorrow’s emotions will smell with regret
As we live somewhere in between these days
A prism of a love that’s ours and a love that’s
our own
We’ll keep destroying it individually

11 thoughts on “[161] One of Those Times

      1. Try not to get caught up in the rhyme. I’ve made that mistake in my poetry more than I’d like to admit. Don’t sacrifice the meaning and direction of the poem for the rhyme. The former is much more important.

      2. That’s something i’ve been feeling but have never let it come to the forefront of my thinking.

        I’ll be conscious of it the next time and educate myself of further on writing without relying on rhymes.

        Thank you for this ❤️

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