[164] Ignorance Lives

I need something to worry about
to cancel out how peaceful I’ve been
feeling for a while
a peace that i craved but which only
brought a feeling of uselessness
and a twisted sense of wanting drama
with a fading memory of the pain that
I’ve conquered through time

It’s a complex thought of needing
something to worry about
to get my mind to think about
anything but the tedium
to get my mind to think about
conquering one more problem
but ignoring the fact that
i am creating the problem for my own end

Once a mistake and twice a choice
and when its done thrice its almost
as if you’re wishing a death sentence
upon yourself only to taste what death
feels like while not really wanting it
just really filling a box full of lies
while you’re craving attention from others
ignoring your own waning attention but alas
out of sight out of mind

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