[165] Time Stops In Your Arms

You live in the past so much
I almost believed you lived in Pangea
Categorising your flaws to pick them apart
when the time comes but does the time come
for people who live in the time that’s gone
Sometimes I wonder if I existed before you
Would that be the only way of confirming
my existence for you?

For all I know I’m dramatizing you and
blowing you out of proportion
For all you know I’m a lonely guy
waiting to grab your attention
for a little while till my own attention
wanes for you and I find another one
because I live in the future

How does the past meet the future?
The present is not the right time
because our thoughts are either lingering on
you counting sheep or mine on flying electric cars
I think dreams are our meeting place
where time, as it is, doesn’t exist as it is
It becomes as it was or as close to as it can be

Here we dream of electric sheep
and watch them fly above
while you count them to fall asleep
and I watch their reflection in your eyes
almost forgetting that this perfect world we created
is nothing but a timeless dream

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