The look of strangers is the
look of fear being transferred
from them to me
from me to them
It’s the battle of the eyes
to test each other’s supremacy
in a whisker of a moment
and then you forget

Paranoia looks upon your shoulder
Your mind turns to glimpse on the periphery
The evil in you confirms the evil in others
just an assumption that is as strong as your intuition
Your feet pace away and the stranger’s towards you
till your paths turn away and your destination arrives
and then you forget

You open the newspaper and it reads
a stranger murdered by a stranger that begun
by the look in each other’s eyes
One took offence and the other was swept aside
You pull the newspaper down and look ahead
Sits a stranger with a look in his eyes
and this time
you don’t forget
because its the last time you’ve looked
in someone’s eyes before you forgot yourself