[168] We’re Alone Together

our love is lost in the cold looks
and the silences
with rain unifying our sanity but
this day our vision lost its clarity
and we didn’t let the rain talk
as we spoke over each other
losing touch with brevity

Stuck in our past ways
Held by the present
Falsely accusing the future
for all its uncertainty
and the walk back home
that makes us realise
how we are bound by
our co-dependency

It is like we are
alone together now
carrying our sins which is
the only common ground
we stand upon
Even that seems to shake
under this day’s relentless rain
that sounds like silence
with all its monotony

There is no end to this
back and forth
Neither a callback
to our happier smiles
It’s just the loop of time
and the forgetfulness of memory
that helps us sculpt statues of
each other’s perfect selves
ignoring the stones that were
broken and left behind
to make this perfect self
a reality only in one another’s mind

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