[169] Why We Hate Each Other

lost in the way
to define simplicity
so i carry complexity
in my words
to mask incoherence and insecurity
to mask the lack of confidence

everyone else are lost in their own ways too
some accept their loss
some ignore it all
some try to project so they still walk
some stop and share their story of defeat
of trying to find the existence of simplicity
in the omnipresent thing that we call truth

Still it hurts to know that they know
Even though we are all made from the same loss
we battle out our
incompetencies in a competition
to sleep better in our dreams
to wake up without regret
so we wage war on others
only to avoid a war within ourselves

13 thoughts on “[169] Why We Hate Each Other

  1. This starts with the smoke and mirrors of struggle and loss. Then it deals with the hopelessness of others, It talks of acceptance, avoidance and false self assuredness . Whilst some stop to reveal their search and all its frustrations in seeking out the simple truths. Truths that exist all around us. It goes on to assert that the first person ~is pained that everyone knows this loss in there lives too and yet we are still in conflict with each other. However we progress the struggle is universal. And that individuals hide in sleep, and awake purged to treat others badly so deflecting inner turmoils.

    Well that’s my take on the piece. Whether is describes interpersonal hatred I’m not sure.

    However I found it stimulating enough to contribute an opinion. It is in my view a work of merit. I thank you for it.

    Chris T.

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