[170] The Last Memory

Our memory feels like the shadow
that we can never touch again
like the rain that will eventually evaporate
But at least we’ve got our imagination
to watch one another when we’re not around

An ambulance wails and everyone’s attention
turn towards that voice of death
Eventuality dawns on the lovers at the beach
as the sea breeze touching their skin turns cold
At that moment they are gripped with fear
A fear that goes away as if ignorance was
the only thing they really knew and not love

I am in that ambulance fighting
not for my life
but for keeping our memory
when we walked on that same beach
when an ambulance like the one I’m in
cruised past our fears
when I didn’t need any imagination to feel
your presence

Now I feel the end approaching
Now even my imagination will betray me
so my last memory is a creation of a memory
where those lovers at the beach
don’t need to rely on their minds
to imagine themselves together


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