[171] How To Find Balance in Life

Staying in your room for long hours helps you connect with your inner voice. You’re finally able to identify why you aren’t making some decisions and why you’re making some. Decisions as trivial such as fully focussing on the TV show you’re watching and denying yourself that decision by holding the phone in your hand and checking the notification that turns into various trips to the social media apps while the characters from the episode vie for your attention by saying lines that somehow will strike you in the head. To get your undivided attention back.

Going out of your house can help you connect with nature and people which in turn helps you understand yourself better through the tool of perspective. The constant need for stimuli that you crave is satisfied by looking at life unfolding in front of you in the form of people doing organic little things such as opening up their umbrellas in unison when the rain starts to fall. You watch order fall into place as the chaos of the rain strikes upon us.

What is required to keep the mind sane is simply, balance. The balance of going out of your head and going inside it. To let your heart weigh heavy with grief to understand empathy or to let it grow weightless by the wit of a joke to understand happiness could feel like. But then you let your mind wander through the familiar territory of denial. You flirt with sadness as it has been your only point of consistency, a familiarity. Empathy for others leave you emotionless for yours and your understanding of happiness laughs at your attempt at grabbing it. You give in to your insanity and let things go off balance.

Because being off balance has been the only balance you’ve ever achieved.

13 thoughts on “[171] How To Find Balance in Life

  1. I think this pretty much sums up my life – giving to much attention to sadness and things that are not working out and clinging to them. I am looking to change some things, but I still need a plan. I am so used to living a certain way that it is very easy to fall back to the vicious cycle.

  2. “You flirt with sadness as it has been your only point of consistency, a familiarity”
    So true, thank you for putting it into perspective.
    Sometimes I think it and now that you said it, it makes so much more sense.

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