[172] The Castle Crumbles

Remembrance longing and forgetting
Mindless noise of the tv filling up silences
A castle weathering heavy rain
It’s a kingdom on the verge of decay

Red carpet with dark red stains
My thoughts reaching out for nothing
I held the wine but
the wine couldn’t hold me together
and the stars couldn’t shine through the clouds
for all their size and energy
Bright lights and my hazy mind

Waves form in my head only to fall
How long will i live inside it?
How long will my ignorance keep me alive?
When will this castle crumble
and let in waves to crash my outsides like my insides
Will it be worse than what I make myself feel?
Will you make me feel worse than what I make myself feel?


18 thoughts on “[172] The Castle Crumbles

      1. I’m not sure that I can express it well – but it feels more ‘zoomed out’. I feel as though it’s less about a specific moment or emotion – as though the speaker is almost looking at themselves from outside their own body (especially in the third stanza). I have no clue whether or not I’ve interpreted the poem as per your intention, but I thoroughly enjoyed the way that your words flowed into each other – and it improves upon each reading!

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      2. I think perhaps, that the images you’ve chosen are on a bigger scale, and have a more imposing presence, e.g. a wine stain, or crumbling castle – which is why I might feel this way? It definitely creates a sense of power, as though the speaker is caught in a tornado.

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