[175] I See The Cosmos In Your Eyes

Render me useless and
make me forget your smile
Let it be a part of our vanishing time and
a part of an unsolved puzzle where you & I
speak more but understand less

The air feels devoid of movement
as if it has zoned out looking at the sun
the abstraction becoming more and more complex
simplicity walking further and further away
is that moondust in your eyes?

Why do you confuse your way into my words
Grappling my sentences until they lose meaning
Fighting my full stops so I don’t end my thoughts
Enlivening in my readers their wordless emotions

You are nothing but an illusion of a memory
a muse that lives in another dimension
carrying not moondust but
the cosmos of my being in your eyes
and letting me reach closer to that feeling
just a little every time I write

22 thoughts on “[175] I See The Cosmos In Your Eyes

  1. So controlled and thought through – it’s like I’m seeing a different tone with every poem. I find this to be so composed – your speaker has fully realised what he’s feeling and it’s wonderful to behold. It’s interesting that you start with imperatives (‘render’), as though your speaker has power, then come to the idea of a fight between speaker and muse for punctuation, and finally reduce the speaker to being ‘inside’ the muse’s eyes – so that he has, ultimately, lost the battle.

    Excuse my overthinking as usual, I love finding patterns in a poet. x

    1. never going to excuse your thinking. its worth pondering about!

      rather than a battle being lost it was more of an understanding the speaker comes to that the muse is needed so need to fight her but your interpretation seems to fall in place fine too

      1. Ahh I see, so more of a resignation or acceptance. That definitely suits it more – I probably worded it quite strongly in calling it a ‘battle’ but I was continuing the idea of a ‘fight’ from punctuation. Thank you! I like knowing if I’m close or not.

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