Monday blues with a crippling sickness
I wait for Friday night to not hear from you
when I’m in the midst of loud music and carefree souls
It drowns out my inner voice that calls out your name
Eyes closed, swaying bodies and feet moving in this little space
Thoughts no longer turn into sentences or leave me on the edge like a comma
It just concludes like a full stop.

The party ends and the carefree souls emit a foul smell
that arrives when the carefree become careless
and the drinking in of these sins turned to the club’s real revenue
I focus on this petty sight to turn away from my mind
that felt like returning to its old ways of remembering you
when it felt confused when it felt alone and when it felt empty

To some this night will be forgettable for they were careless
To some this night will be memorable for they were careful
While I’m stuck in between carelessness and carefulness
and stuck in between Monday blues and Friday nights
and stuck in between forgetting you and remembering you