The endless days of youth
Idealism mixed with rebellion
If we could have a name for ourselves
We’ll call ourselves a maze

Trying to understand the intricacies
of the world from our little room
Thinking of ourselves as poor
but of the urban kind
Fighting for causes no one
told us to fight for

Yet we battle with the outside world
To avoid a war within our inner world
Stuck in between changing the system
to avoiding a shutdown of our own
But mainly trying to find a meaning
To be a part of something bigger than life
because no one told us how to live it

So we wait for a revolution to brew
To become a part of the truth
To tell the world they’re wrong
because that’s all they’ve told us we are
but the only thing that brews is our coffee
and a never ending need for something
to grab our attention so we don’t feel the
need to grab someone else’s