[195] Adventure of Time

Day and night revolve on a wheel
The cyclical nature of time
forms a pattern so simple
yet we can’t discern
what lies beyond what lay behind
complicating an already complex living
coupling it with the understanding of self
that evades us with each and every insight

When the sky was the limit
space screamed in dark silence
but we’ve learned to hear it
and now
what lays under our own feet starts to shake
we’ll never know enough
we’ll never be satisfied

but what we can have is
the knowledge of not knowing something
taking one small step at a time
thinking of mankind as a part of us
like the cyclical nature of seasons
A generation that’s going to come
leaving them with fewer questions to answer
and let them stand on our shoulders
to embark on the adventure of time

6 thoughts on “[195] Adventure of Time

  1. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? To leave future generations with fewer questions …. ah, but alas, I’m afraid we’re leaving them with more! And maybe that’s not all bad. Questioning is a sign of intelligence – and maybe, just maybe, their answers will be better than ours!

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