[212] I Was Never There

Can you just come over here
And let me in to your little world
And tell me things that I have missed
Things that I should have learned
Whisper in how you’ve grown
And how you’ve moved on to better things
Scream inside the sweet nothings
Of the things we left behind

Its the future its the past
Lets listen in the present now
Your eyes don’t look the same
Your voice just sounds away
Like a ghost has taken your place
And i ask for you
Just let me be
Let me breathe
Let me live in your little world
Let me in
Let me give
Let me live in your little world

It will hurt
It will bleed
But I can’t function without these
pills i take thoughts that stay
Erode my being just a little bit
Every day every moment
I just breath a little less

25 thoughts on “[212] I Was Never There

  1. Every day, every moment, breathe deeply, but know … your days are numbered, so appreciate each as you inhale, exhale, and inhale again. Listen in the present, yes… and enjoy each sound, each fragrance, every moment! <3

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