[245] The Forgetfulness Of Today

Last day of college
Stirring emotions inside; pouring rain outside
Awareness of where we’ve come with a melancholic smile
Thinking about how we’ve arrived here; why is melancholy right here?
We’re witnessing the birth of nostalgia

Heaviness moves with us now
Shoulders drooped a little
Weary eyes looking at our feet
We feel removed from ourselves entirely
A glance outside and we remember the best of youth
colouring our perception of a strange distant present
A memory tries to take our attention
to the worst of youth that we tried to forget

It holds us now; the reason for the melancholic smile
The reason we smiled at all; leaving behind the worst of youth
aversion to conflict, running away, fights, tears, silences
a reminder to remind yourself of all that you forget
on the farewell of your youth, how the farewell gave a new meaning
to the pouring rain outside
How it trampled on the rains that came before
How our memory is so short term

Again, stirring emotions inside; pouring rain outside
This time with the awareness that this melancholy will go away
till another remembrance replaces forgetfulness of today

6 thoughts on “[245] The Forgetfulness Of Today

  1. Step into the challnges of today with confidence. You are ready! You have learned the lessons college had to teach. Now, you’re ready for the school of life – ready to butt heads with the hard lessons. You got this! Congratulations, Rahul! <3

  2. Every step into new territory is an opportunity for growth. While it seems scary, life will continue to present us with adventures we can scarcely imagine at the time. Every decade of my life has improved since college. No need for nostalgia – your best days are ahead.

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