[247] A Calm Nightmare

Personalities mixing up to cause
rainbows in a storm
I touch one colour to really want another
Never understanding a disguise entirely
I borrow another to just carry on looking up

The afterglow of constellations in your eyes
carry themselves into my emotional identity
I feel half of what you felt
Half of what there is to feel
Attention deficit kicks in and
I feel the absence of any feeling

I bear a fraction of what I’ve learned
Brooding devastation of thought
Sitting down mindfully, to only fail
I realise it’s a mind full of conspiracy
to numb any stimuli to the violence outside

19 thoughts on “[247] A Calm Nightmare

  1. Be careful… don’t let the world numb you! Don’t let it cause you not to feel! Find the beauty. It’s there. Carry on – looking up! Focus on what you WANT to see and feel!

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