[267] Secrets

Look for me
for I am lost
I usually find myself
in a faraway thought
I can tell you all my secrets
and scatter all my lies
but it’s in the language
of my twisted tongue
Do you have the will to try?

I’m saving all the images that I witness
now that I’m so faraway gone
Will you try to find me again so
I can recall to you all that I saw
It’s nothing but a simulation of a storm
quite similar to what you feel
when you’re livid with your dog

It’s familiarity and my hatred
with all that has become my normalcy
It’s you and your shivering sleep
while I slept calmly beside you
Are you mourning that I’m still gone
or are you content with what I left behind
Are you happy with all our memories
that I’m usually forgetting to be alive?

3 thoughts on “[267] Secrets

  1. Can’t click like on this one because the message is so sad. I guess I could click “like” meaning I like the honesty, the rawness of emotions, but I feel only the sadness of lost memories, lost love, and a sense of hopelessness. Makes me conjure up the will that’s needed to look for you <3 With Love <3

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