[277] Understanding Your Silence

In the city of depression
that sells distraction in the night
I catch you staring at the
ceiling of a club to disguise the mood
you found yourself in tonight

The music blares above
my crackled call for attention
A faint breaking voice
breaks through the cacophony
You look like you’ve heard the
sound of music as I watch
your eyes look for my voice

The night crescendos into palpable tension
Contempt of our surroundings
make way for a mutual tunnel vision
You barely hear the mention of the stars
to hold my hand out of all the noise
to the silence of a park

All the strobing of inside
fades away to the twinkle of the stars
as i find you looking up above
slowly entering a vacuum
that i tried to get you out of in the past
I don’t let go of your hand
this time
in spite of your crumpled paper grip

From your eyes to the stars
I enter into the night with you
That’s when I understand
You aren’t staring at the stars
You aren’t staring at the universe
You were looking in a mirror
We’re in the prison of our past

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