[296] The Perfect Man

I once met a man who was perfect
The very sight of him made you question
any type of security you built for yourself
until you look closer

The perfect man
is in a conflict with himself
He loves the world
but shows silent hatred for it
He knows a lot
to apply so little
He’s perfect in his own
never realising the beauty of imperfection
Never thinking it’s the chase of perfection
that’s enabling a war within himself
which he denies
with the blink of an eye
going inside himself
hiding away his fears
till the arrival of an eruption
and he realises that
the mountain he stays on
is really just a volcano in disguise

He’s swallowed by movement
Further and further he goes
Leaving emotions all behind
Leaving living all behind
Chasing ends of a circle
Moving towards the perfect life
A house with a view
A glimmer of thinking put to stop
by the feeling of uselessness
Productivity paralysis
Analysis of a robotic mind
A perfect mind for a perfect life

The last i heard he was still chasing
The last i heard he was finally dormant
The last i heard he finally closed the circle
The last i heard was the last things he saw
Flashes of the beginnings of his imperfect life
and the last of him

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