[301] A Walk Down Memory Lane

Fifteen steps from my bed and
I reached the place of my nightmares
My hand still battling with sleepy dust in my eyes
Still not realising the path that lay in front of me
even though it was a part of my daily routine
The first realisation is cold dampness and
my eyes widening to wake me up from the after-effects of slumber
as I witness the sight I am so used to disremember

The garden of my house
with its sharp icy blades of grass tickling at my feet
A vacant football waits as a reward
at the end of the walk that I was made to take
It is to maintain the longevity of my 20/20 vision, my mom used to say
I had to look down at the greenness for 20 minutes
till the green became so permanent in my mind
that it became the colour of my childhood
mixed with the pain of waking earlier than I needed to and
the nostalgia of formation of a memory

My walk ended with me touching the touch me not plant
My first act of rebellion
and watching it go to sleep as I woke up entirely
The coffee of my childhood
The bitterness I began to savour as the walk went on
a kick to the football which defeated all the flowers on one end
who defiantly sprung back up to life for their elasticity
as I left
to collect the sleepy dust for the day that I will battle
tomorrow and yesterday

10 thoughts on “[301] A Walk Down Memory Lane

  1. I hope you have been able to stop collecting the “sleepy dust for the day” and you’ve discovered the futility of battling
“tomorrow and yesterday.” It’s enough to battle today. Let yesterday rest. And let tomorrow stay there in its unknown. Walk down the lane of Present and enjoy the presence it brings! Yes, your poem made me think. That’s part of your purpose, right ?

    1. Yes I have. One of those rare instances where I think about my childhood, so this just came out.
      I’m glad it made you think. That’s always a part of my purpose 🙂

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