[302] Open Up Your Mind

A carnage that smells of life
An irony that makes you feel alive
I see civilisations collapsing right in front of me
The wars that reversed progress
I see birds that die of asphyxiation
A million years wiped right in front of me
I try to live in the second that demands attention
A plane that has crashed carries the barely alive
They ask me for water in a feeble voice
but we’re standing in the middle of a desert
I give them a mirage to soothe their plight

Melancholy, pain, naked shame
I hear my arm being scraped away
The blood drips to change the colour of the sky
The sand grips my fight as I sink
No breath left to take I close my eyes
and then I fall off a mountain to wake
into a clarity of my life that I had forgotten to understand
and an old perspective that I hid away

10 thoughts on “[302] Open Up Your Mind

  1. A very strong metaphor for the political mayhem around us. The end of neoliberalism? of rampant capitalism and the destruction of our Earth, our lifeline? perhaps a radical rethinking. We can only hope

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