[303] Parallels & Beyond

Circle me metronome
Do you remember who you were before the end?
Were you too quiet that you couldn’t live?
or were you so loud that your scream circled
the earth five times to break the eardrums of many
and the sanity of all

Who do we want to be after it ends?
Will we pick up the remains to build our brokenness again?
or will we let it bleed out and begin again
These are questions and our answers are a familiar failure
There are decisions meant to be taken but
silence won’t take us ahead
We all believe in an insane thought
and protect it to not let our demons out
We all can live a little louder
but we put our hands on our own ears
and betray the truth of our bodies
only to let out no sound from our gut  until we all
stop listening to the madness of the rhythm of time

3 thoughts on “[303] Parallels & Beyond

  1. There is some madness that we need to turn off and walk away from, but I pray we never stop listening to “the rhyme of time.” Time is a great instructor !

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