[300] How To Control Anger

I looked in my heart
to understand what caused me pain
What right do I hold to cause the same pain
to break the gentleness of another
I looked inside my heart
to understand how we burn the earth
how strange is it for us to call the people
who live here as cold when all they do is explode
How to begin a journey opposite of aggression?
Does the end always become a new beginning?

Unable to make sense of the wave, I drowned
I woke up to find myself
in between dreaming and waking
This place had no limitations
and it helped me give new words to
my thinking patterns that caused me pain
that caused me and you pain
Attack as defence, Coping mechanisms
Self preservation, Ignorant kindness

I woke up to remember a feeling of newness
A sudden rush I tried to control and then
I stayed with that feeling for once
I stayed to understand my pain
I stayed with it to watch how it turns into an explosion
I stayed with it to not let it go beyond me for once
and that’s when my temperament became tender
and that’s when my heart looked back at me
That’s when I learned how to ride a wave

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