[311] Getting What I Seek

Needless destiny
and a need for intervals
To pause feeling this way
cracks about to split open
I lie awake tired
unable to sleep
A worthless life
at the hook of every sentence and
an unfulfilled potential
waiting beyond every full stop.

16 thoughts on “[311] Getting What I Seek

      1. I’m doing great as well. Likewise, the staying at home part gets to me sometimes. Have started evening walks as an antidote to that

      2. For me it is poetry. I miss my walks too. But due to Covid and now summer i guess I will have to wait to resume that.

  1. Hi Rahul, thanks for the likes on my blog. :))
    Such a beautiful image you’ve included there. Who’s the artist, if you don’t mind my asking? Judging by the image (a reclining woman), you have written this as though from a female perspective… is that correct? Or is it perhaps your own perspective on life? Either way, hope you are well. :)) Best wishes 🔆

    1. Hey Lia
      The beautiful painting is by Angella Brittain
      It’s just something that came to mind this morning and then went away
      Hope you’re well too 🙂

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