[333] Without You

We communicated silently⁣⁣
Speaking to each other in telepathy⁣⁣
Now we’re burdened in our minds ⁣⁣
forgetting our common language ⁣⁣
one day at a time ⁣⁣
When I’m sitting idle ⁣⁣
the waves run amok ⁣⁣
and every seventh wave ⁣⁣
fights to keep your picture afloat ⁣⁣
I’m held in the prison ⁣⁣
of independence from you⁣⁣
failing to learn lessons ⁣⁣
in anonymous cities of doom⁣⁣
I run away to the hills⁣⁣
from the sorry little life ⁣⁣
i’ve been meaning to change ⁣⁣
I’m surrounded by mirrors ⁣⁣
I smoke to hide my face ⁣⁣
Every little gesture around me⁣⁣
is a memory of you ⁣⁣a thief
is trying to steal away ⁣⁣
I run away from you in circles ⁣⁣
always to find you in the way⁣⁣
I wake up with voices in my head ⁣⁣
imploring me to erase the ⁣⁣
Mona Lisa portrait I painted of you⁣⁣
It comes from a feeling of loneliness ⁣⁣and a shared emotion of codependency ⁣⁣
that you & I should be happy to be free of ⁣⁣
In order to be alone again ⁣⁣
we need to learn a new language ⁣⁣
and absorb the pain of the waves⁣⁣
to let our common language drown in vain ⁣⁣

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