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3000 followers. It’s been a self-reflective journey of almost 4 years of writing consistently on this blog. While reach this milestone I have slowly and steadily built a community who are so sharp with their words and gentle with their feedback. When I didn’t have this blog, everything about the people here compelled me to create this. The way they check on each other, the analysis, the encouragement or the constructive feedback they provide are always valuable. And so it all began.

Also, you guys are free to comment here your blog links or one post that you’d like everyone to read. Let’s make this a big blog party.

A short introduction to your blog for the unacquainted and a post to welcome your new readers would be helpful.

Back to story time

Origin – A simple question.

What do I need to do to become a better writer?

I wanted the answer to be simple and yet difficult to practice. As they say cliches exist for a reason. The answer is to write consistently and thus began the exploration of Smoke Words Every Day. I distinctly remember the day I opened WordPress. It was my 3rd attempt at a blog. I always have had this tendency to be excited about things to only leave them halfway. Unfinished. Not this time.

The Middle – The high and the low.

The blog bloomed. It had a consistent readership and the followers were avid readers of it. The comments only suggested that my words somehow helped people put words to the thoughts that they didn’t recognise but had felt. This consistent compliment always kept me going. But then in 2019, the frequency of my consistency weakened. It was time to figure out responsibility at this point in my life. So blogging took a backseat only for me to return to it again.

Now – Perseverance

As the world faces a faceless disaster, it is engulfed in self-reflection. What are the broken systems that lead us to this moment of doom? Everyone is either running from facing it or they’re unable to find an answer. One thing is for sure everyone is struggling but their resolve to face it is stronger than ever. When we’re head on with danger our true selves emerge.

And one truth that I’ve realised about our world is that we underestimate how connected our species is. We’re  a community that suffers a problem together, but will also be ready to fight it together.

I would also like this opportunity to help you guys get discovered by my small community and have a conversation about blogging. I find the personal communication of WordPress to be lacking as there is no mode of personal messaging but only by comments.

So I leave my Instagram link here if anyone has any questions about blogging in general or you want to talk about life or just joke around with me. You’re most welcome. I want the conversation to be a two-way street. I want us to put personalities into our blogs beyond our work, so drop a DM.

I’ll start with my recent favourite : [332] Futile Chase of A Sunrise

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  1. Congrats! Perseverance is where it’s at. I’d love it if people popped over to my blog. For anyone who hasn’t checked it out it’s mostly quick stories and flash fiction, often with a satirical edge.

  2. Congratulations on your 3000 landmark! I just reached 1000 followers… a goal I’ve had this year. But, it’s not to number of followers taht excite me. It’s the number of people who take the time to comment. That’s when I know something resonated. Your discussion related to the need for perseverance certainly spoke to me. I blog daily and invite your readers to check out http://www.janbeek.blog – – – “Love One Another” – – – That’s what it’s all about. How do we make love contagious? You said it, Rahul, “…we underestimate how connected our species is.” We need one another! We all look for a “community who are so sharp with their words and gentle with their feedback.” I am so glad you have found such a group. Congratulations, Rahul. <3

  3. WOW! Your blog is exactly how I envision my future in blogging to be. Although I started blogging 4 years back, my posts were very inconsistent. This year, rather last week, I decided to wholeheartedly commit myself to my blog and challenged myself to write an article daily for 100 days. I really wish to improve my writing skills and connect to as many people as I can with my blog. I absolutely loved your blog and wish you all the best for your future (which already seems sparkling bright!)

    My recent post :-

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. You really have a way with words my friend! I loved hearing about your community that is ‘so sharp with their words and gentle with their feedback’. Kind of like the people I’d like to have as friends. Keep writing! You will find me cheering you on from among those 3000 followers 😃
    My blog is really an attempt to manifest my father’s dream and it turned out to be a savior of my own soul! Long story short, I had forgotten how therapeutic the written word is to me. My career took me far away from the land of letters and words but I am back now. I am writing as often as I can and really still trying to find my voice. Here’s a poem I wrote today 🙂


  5. Congratulation Rahul. Many more to go. It is however, important to promote, read and follow bloggers for your own profile. but for me, i have always wanted to read and enhance my skills in poetry by reading and knowing more people. With job and house responsibilities I hardly get time to write. And the regret of not being loyal for reading other post keeps haunting me. A friend of mine who is also a blogger shared that it is important to read, to comment on something from heart and just not for the sake of it… I try too.. but somehow I am guilty of not doing full justice to whatever I read. Everything is beautiful, new and different for one similar thing – poetry. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to try once again.

    for all the lovely readers
    My recent post : https://aseraphicsoul.wordpress.com/2020/07/21/rain/

    and my favourite one from my blog currently is https://aseraphicsoul.wordpress.com/2020/04/26/the-dusky-night-part-ii/

  6. Wow. 4 yrs is a big achievement there. I feel the count of followers doesn’t really matter, but the consistency you have showed is amazing. Kudos. Keep it up 😊😊💛💛

  7. Hii, im kinda new to blogging, i would love it , if you checked it out . This is kind of my breathing space , from all the stress , where I can just unleash whatever is on my mind . I write stories , and I’m learning and improving . Do check it out.

    This is my one post .

  8. First I want to say I am SO jealous of your name. I covet it with all my heart. Smoke Words Every Day. Can’t it be mine?! Can’t I steal it somehow without anyone noticing? Can’t I turn back time and I think of it first?

    Congratulations of 3K. What an achievement!

    I too have been on WordPress for 3 years, though I find it difficult to make a community!

    I write flash fiction, usually inspired by a dream I dreams, a past memory, a moment I witnessed, or just something I created from a feeling. Check it out if you’re interested! Here is m first post and ultimately, my favorite:

  9. Very hearty and well deserving congratulations. It’s been long since I started following your blog, yet all the poems I have read are distinct and expressive in their own way.
    Perserverance is indeed the key. Keep writing friend!👐

  10. Hi everyone!
    Pleasure to meet you and enjoy your wonderful blogs! Mad talent here to be sure!
    My blog is, well, like a box of chocolate’s…you never know what you’re going to get. I’m wildly eclectic, wearing and worn many shoes in life’s journey and these feet travel many paths and I write about them all. From faith, travel literary, humor to home life, you’re bound to find something for you.
    Pull up a seat and visit with me awhile. I’m sure we’ll become fast friends!

  11. Hi Rahul! You have some nice posts here! And it is a great idea to share blog posts and ideas. For me this is the second attempt of blogging now. I started with my blog in 2012 but left it for several years and recently I got back to it because there happened a lot of curious stuff in my life. I was working in a consulting job for 3 years and finally had the courage to quit it and do a sabbatical… now the sabbatical, a very great time, is over and I am writing about it…I started writing about quitting, the sabbatical and soon will write about my travels in Asia and as a pilgrim. One blog post suggestion is the following which is about how I ended up quitting my job: https://splitsecondsoflife.wordpress.com/2020/07/08/work-series-1-my-history-of-quitting-a-job-as-an-expat-in-my-home-country/

  12. Blogging can sometimes seem like a tiresome task, as we do have to be so devoted to it which can be hard when there is less time.
    However I find it is certainly rewarding, and a massive congrats with how far yours has come 🙂

  13. Congratulations on 3000 followers! Really great post aswell.
    I recently created my own blog where I want to motivate and inspire people. My dream is to personally help people overcome hard situations one day. I believe everyone is capable of doing great things. It all starts by believing you can do it!
    This is the link to one of my recent posts. Feel free to take a look and comment what you think 🙂


  14. Hi Rahul,

    Congrats on over 3000 followers! You have a great community feel about your blog. I like how you mentioned that we need to “put personalities into our blogs beyond our work.”

    My blog has evolved over the years, but one thing has stayed the same: writing honestly. I write self-reflection pieces in the form of poems and short narratives.

    https://thesoulwhispersblog.com 🌳

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