[336] Turning A Blind Eye

A lone soul
cutting through the haze
The clouds wait for their turn
as thunder tries to catch the bird
The city is lulled into a early dark sleep
as you and I lay entangled watching
nature’s hunt for the hunter
from our rose tinted windows
and a head full of oxytocin
while someone fights for their survival
in an adrenaline filled fall
while we slowly fall asleep
forgetting this ominous scenery

9 thoughts on “[336] Turning A Blind Eye

  1. Love the way you piece your words to form pictures that move, and somehow organize them perfectly together within themselves. A word puzzle in motion. One you can read aloud and by touching.

  2. The more I read your poems the more I seem to enjoy your blog! Gonna follow you, hope you go through mine and have fun reading my posts too. 🤩🥰

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