[355] A New Life

Vatic statements of my demise
as if somebody guided me through their own dreams
The terrain of the road ahead unfamiliar and distant
I kept the doomed utterances close to my heart

Art became an expression of the emotions unsaid
Poetry took the shape of what I couldn’t understand
Stories were conceived keeping her in mind
Living became light with you always in sight

Still, I awaited my end patiently
Always chuckling at the vanishing of the night
A horror befell the ones around me
who perceived my anticipation as madness

The madness did arrive
quite unlike a tempest and
not even like a wind
It knocked at my door
with an airless surprise

While I awaited the torture of the soul
It offered me a spiritual revival
I finally looked through the veiled omen
as i drowned in the rivers of paradise
My demise was not the end
but the beginning of my ascent
to the pursuit of truth
where the vast vistas bloomed
to remove the smokescreen of the
pursuit of balance which only
landed me in two extremes
Now there is clarity
Now I am dead
Now I am alive

2 thoughts on “[355] A New Life

    1. So glad you are learning words by reading my pieces. Thank you for noticing that structure shift in the end. We live and die for such deep reading 🙂

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