[365] Little World of Infinities

Find your little world
and reach the end of its infinity
Then travel in search of knowledge
in its little mistakes and detours
To be able to find our way
to cure our general malaise
even after finding our bliss
Let us forgo it all, so we find another world

The base fear that drives my mistakes
is hiding between my self loathing and growth
The patterns I tend to ignore
blend with my body like a chameleon
Is there an end to them or are they looping?
Will all validation, denial, pleasure vanish
once I am able to find the end of my infinity?
Or will another loop begin where I venture out to
Find my little world

7 thoughts on “[365] Little World of Infinities

  1. I love how the 2nd stanza is about you and the 1st stanza is for everyone… and even though you are not certain that you will find your little world, I think you’re already on the way.

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